Fighting up Gruel Brittania
Hugh Simons, May 2017
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GAWyllie's Ultimate Scottish Trad Ticklist E1 to E5 ticklist

contributed by Gawyllie Aug/20

Work In Progress - A comprehensive list of the best Scottish Trad routes from E1 to E5 listed mostly by guidebook area. More of an index than a ticklist and complied mainly for personal use and knowledge. Let me know if you think something is missing. There are many new routes that are not yet in guidebooks included also.

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Flannan Slab DirectE1 5b ***1640mUig Sea Cliffs...
The Great AukE1 5b ***-90m• 2Berneray
Piping UpE1 5b ***-80m• 3Berneray
Cuan a' CheoE1 5b ***4100m• 3Mingulay
The SwanE1 5b ***930mUig Sea Cliffs...
Moac WallE1 5b ***4330mUig Sea Cliffs...
Grazing BeastE1 5b **1020mGreat Bernera
Fisherman's BluesE1 5b ***9110m• 3Mingulay
Cuan a BochanE1 5b ***25130m• 3Mingulay
Eye of the StormE1 5b ***3110m• 3Mingulay
MaydayE1 5b ***19100m• 3Mingulay
The Night of the StorytellersE1 5b ***1520mMingulay
Too Young for a GladiatorE1 5b ***13100m• 3Mingulay
Pot of GoldE1 5b **-55mMingulay
Spring SquillE1 5b ***20765m• 2Pabbay
The PriestE1 5b ***141110m• 3Pabbay
Illegal AlienE1 5b ***10330mPabbay
Hoofer's RouteE1 5b ***8225mPabbay
Shags DirectE1 5c 130mPabbay
Via ValtosE1 5b ***3150m• 4Tamnasbhal
The Mauking BirdE1 5b ***-30mBerneray
DruidE2 5b ***265m• 3Dun Othail
ValhallaE2 5b ***2220mShawbost
Seal Surfing in the Swell from HellE1 5b ***440mSandray
The Bostadh StranglerE2 5c ***1025mGreat Bernera
Aphrodite's PromiseE2 5b ***-15mNess - The Butt of...
NaginiE2 5b ***-25mNess - The Butt of...
Sea DogE2 5b ***530mAird Mhor Bhragair
Twelve Years OnE2 5b ***3130mUig Sea Cliffs...
The Ecclesall RoadE2 5b ***-50m• 2Uig Sea Cliffs...
Grant's Bad Hair DayE2 5b ***2950m• 2Uig Sea Cliffs...
Vein HopeE2 5c **-40mUig Sea Cliffs...
JacarandaE2 5b ***-24mCaolas Cearstaigh,...
U-EiE2 5b ***111110m• 3Pabbay
Immaculate ConceptionE2 5b ***4325mPabbay
As Sound as Mr JAE2 5b ***4725mPabbay
Off Wid Emily's BikiniE2 5b *435mPabbay
Prominent Nasty Looking Off-width GrooveE2 5b -50mPabbay
Prophecy of DrowningE2 5c ***212115m• 4Pabbay
The Bernera ProwE2 5b ***2220mGreat Bernera
Druth's GrooveE2 5b ***1220mSouthwest Barra
Haute CoitureE2 5b ***-45mSouthwest Barra
Navigator WallE2 5c ***420mSandray
Yard ArmsE2 5b ***245mSandray
SulaE2 5b ***154100m• 3Mingulay
Arnamul MagicE2 5b ***780m• 2Mingulay
Kraken's GulletE2 5b ***985m• 3Mingulay
Dunne Slimmin'E2 5b ***470m• 2Mingulay
The Abyss of NumbersE2 5c *310mMingulay
Barra SoundsE2 5b ***-90m• 2Berneray
Barra Head GamesE3 5c ***-110m• 3Berneray
Children of the SeaE3 5c ***930mAird Mhor Bhragair
Stellar CrackE3 5c **-40mCreag Mo
Endolphin RushE3 5c ***12760m• 2Pabbay
Bogus Asylum SeekersE3 6a **3530mPabbay
Taxing MacpheeE3 5c ***6355m• 2Mingulay
Voyage of FaithE3 5c ***124120m• 4Mingulay
A Word with the BillE3 5c ***3650m• 2Mingulay
The SilkieE3 6a ***47100m• 3Mingulay
Call of the SeaE3 5c ***55100m• 2Mingulay
Les VoyageursE3 5c ***21110m• 4Mingulay
Limpet CrackE3 5c ***5940mDalbeg
NeptuneE3 5c ***7540mDalbeg
Shot in the DarkE3 5c ***-30mUig Sea Cliffs...
Suffering BastardE4 6a ***1925mUig Sea Cliffs...
Sugar Cane CountryE4 6a ***11035mPabbay
Spit in ParadiseE4 6a ***26110m• 3Pabbay
Don't Fool Yourself GirlE4 6b *325mPabbay
ElysiumE4 6a ***2135mPabbay
The Ancient MarinersE4 6a ***4685m• 2Pabbay
Junior KeelE4 6b **-10mMingulay
RayburntE4 6a ***9120m• 3Mingulay
Crystal DazeE4 6a ***1750m• 2Mingulay
Ray of LightE4 5c ***18130m• 3Mingulay
Lost SoulsE4 6a ***2455m• 2Mingulay
The Big LickE4 5c ***8180m• 6Tamnasbhal
Dominis VobiscusE4 5c **-125m• 3Tamnasbhal
Wave DancingE4 6a ***225mUig Sea Cliffs...
Captain OatesE4 6b ***-45m• 3Uig Sea Cliffs...
The Prozac LinkE4 5c ***5795m• 4Uig Sea Cliffs...
Puffing CrackE5 6a ***430mUig Sea Cliffs...
The StormE5 6a ***250mDalbeg
Tweetie Pie SlalomE5 6a ***2540mDalbeg
Mhòr AirE5 6a ***450m• 3Sandray
Defining FormE5 6a ***225mSandray
In Profundum LacuE5 6a ***3580m• 2Pabbay
Thursday's Setting SunriseE5 6a ***830mPabbay
The RavenE5 6a ***3930mPabbay
Big KennethE5 6a ***3190m• 3Mingulay
Rory Rum the Story ManE5 6a ***14100m• 4Mingulay
Grime of the CenturyE5 6b ***325mMealaisbhal
KismetE5 6a ***2140m• 7Sròn Uladail...
StoneE5 6a ***11200m• 6Sròn Uladail...
Big LuigiE5 6a ***475m• 3Sròn Uladail...
White DwarfE5 6b ***-140m• 6Sròn Uladail...
Palace of Swords ReversedE5 6b ***190m• 4Sròn Uladail...
Romancing the MooseE5 6a ***130mUig Sea Cliffs...
West Flank RouteE1 5b ***109?Cir Mhor
Ariel's Arête (a.k.a. Squids and Elephants)E1 5b ***1445mCir Mhor
Frozen OceanE1 5a ***555m• 2An Sgurr
Stepping OutE1 5b **255m• 2An Sgurr
The WordsmithE1 5b ***-9mBasalt Columns, Ulva
ParthenonE1 5b ***-15mBasalt Columns, Ulva
PsychoE2 5b ***460m• 2An Sgurr
Sword of DamoclesE2 5c ***-15mEilean Dubh
Flat Muffin SocietyE2 5b ***-9mMeall na Suiridhe
The ScripturesE2 5c ***-10mBasalt Columns, Ulva
Gone AgainE2 5b ***-12mYellow Block, Ardtun
Feathers McGrawE2 5b ***320mArdtun, Creag...
BrobdingnagE2 5b **5203m• 8Beinn Tarsuinn
SkydiverE3 6a ***20?Cir Mhor
Always the SunE3 6a ***-?Eilean nam Muc
ArmadilloE3 6a ***9?• 3Cioch na h-Oighe
AbraxasE4 6a **2105m• 3Cioch na h-Oighe
HardlandE4 6a ***5?Cir Mhor
Vanishing PointE4 6a **3?Cir Mhor
El CorazonE5 6a 220mKintra
Ten Pound of Shrimp and a Minke WhaleE5 6a ***220mKintra
Stop the PigeonE5 6b ***-25mKintra
Alter EgoE1 5b **2130m• 2Suidhe Biorach
DIY areteE1 5a **22?Suidhe Biorach
Zed CrackE1 5b ***-?Na Huranan
Minch and TattiesE1 5b *7?Rubha Hunish
Power to BelieveE1 5b ***2?Bornesketaig
California DreamingE1 5b ***-35mNeist
PowerbrokerE1 5b ***7530mNeist
A Fistful of DollariteE1 5b **5325mNeist
Security RiskE1 5b ***14530mNeist
Gentleman's GrooveE1 5b ***1832mNeist
Heart's HighwayE1 5b ***160m• 2Carn Liath
Prospect of RonaE1 5b ***265m• 2Carn Liath
Endless TideE1 5b ***-?Little Kilt
Grey PantherE1 5b ***41945mKilt Rock, Staffin
The PioneerE1 5a **335mKilt Rock, Staffin
Tartan TerrorE1 5b **4140mKilt Rock, Staffin
Bengal LancerE2 5b ***540m• 2Carn Liath
Mr ScratchyE1 5b *-23mStaffin Slips
Wall StreetE2 5c ***8930mNeist
Jean and JimE1 5b **250m• 2Staffin Slips
Fat CatsE2 5c **1920mNeist
Old Man & The SeaE2 5b ***-?Neist
True ColoursE2 5c ***920mNeist
Freeze DriedE2 5c **235mNeist
Sore PhalangesE2 5c ***218mNeist
Hurricane HideawayE2 5c ***7330mNeist
The HermitE2 5b ***1?Husabost
Northern ExposureE2 5b **8?Rubha Hunish
Friends in the NorthE2 5b **4?Rubha Hunish
TripoliE2 5b ***216mBornesketaig
Ceitidh Fiona’s WaltzE2 5c ***-?Little Kilt
Snake BiteE2 5b ***335mStaffin Slips
GorbachevE2 5b ***7645mStaffin Slips
HeraclesE2 5b ***255mStaffin Slips
FladdaE2 5b ***2?Sgurr nan Gall
Staffin Classic (a.k.a. Kilt Classic)E2 5b ***2340mStaffin Slips
Windom EarleE2 5c **740mStaffin Slips
Hand JiveE2 5c **1217mStaffin Slips
Edge of BeyondE2 5c ***4245mKilt Rock, Staffin
SkyemanE2 5b **5440mKilt Rock, Staffin
Road To RuinE2 5b **1845mKilt Rock, Staffin
HogmanayE2 5c ***1?Flodigarry
Northern LightsE2 5c **16?Rubha Hunish
Veritas SplendourE2 5c ***6725m• 2Suidhe Biorach
Fe Fi Fo FumE3 5c ***745mKilt Rock, Staffin
InternationaleE3 5b **8845mKilt Rock, Staffin
TempestE3 6a **145mKilt Rock, Staffin
Frisky after WhiskyE3 5c ***1445mKilt Rock, Staffin
Green VoteE3 5c ***745mStaffin Slips
Woman Of The EightiesE3 5c ***1745mStaffin Slips
Captain PatienceE3 5c ***1330mStaffin Slips
Licking NettlesE3 5c ***130mStaffin Slips
Experimental LearningE3 6a ***945mStaffin Slips
SashaE3 5c ***2140mStaffin Slips
Fladda WallE3 5c ***-?Fladda Walls, Raasay
Fire Walk With MeE3 5c ***545mStaffin Slips
Birdman of BewaldethE3 6a ***345mStaffin Slips
A Drop in the OceanE3 5c ***140mGreshornish
Wish You Were HereE3 5c ***7030mNeist
The Flying DoorE3 5c ***-40mNeist
Piggy BankE3 5c ***5725mNeist
Route With a ViewE3 6a ***235mNeist
The Man from AnkleE3 6a ***525mNeist
The Murray MintE3 6a *1?Neist
Hot BlastE3 5c ***235mNeist
The PhysicianE3 5c **2?Neist
BirdsongE3 5c ***335mNeist
SuperchargerE3 5c **51?Neist
DigitalisE3 5c ***5430mSuidhe Biorach
Revenge of an Angry CosmosE3 6a ***230mSuidhe Biorach
IndiaE3 6a ***19?Suidhe Biorach
Whispering CrackE3 5c ***2355mRubha Hunish
Six by SixE3 6a ***-?Beinn na h-Iolaire
OrbitE3 6a ***-?Rona
21st Century Schizoid ManE4 6a ***122mBornesketaig
Inanimate Objects Fight BackE4 6a **-?Neist
Golden ShowerE4 5c ***530mNeist
Fight ClubE4 6a ***1325mNeist
Cool BreezeE4 6a ***-35mNeist
Seven DaysE4 6a ***4?Neist
Grooveless Bodily HarmE4 6a ***4?Neist
American VampireE4 6a ***225mNeist
StonewallE4 6a ***-50mNeist
Starfish EnterpriseE4 6b ***-?Neist
Killer WhaleE4 6a **645mKilt Rock, Staffin
Drop The PilotE4 6a **140mKilt Rock, Staffin
BilidowcarE4 6a **140mKilt Rock, Staffin
Demon LoverE4 6a 240mKilt Rock, Staffin
Mother's PrideE4 5c ***7430m• 2Suidhe Biorach
Sheer SearE5 6a ***1230mKilt Rock, Staffin
Over The RainbowE5 6b ***140mKilt Rock, Staffin
Ill WindE5 6a -75m• 3Kilt Rock, Staffin
WildwoodE5 6a ***545mStaffin Slips
Passing OutE5 6a ***2?Rubha Hunish
Willey's Last StramashE5 6a ***-?Rubha Hunish
Rogue's WallE5 6a ***135mNeist
Heavenly's PleasureE5 6b ***145mNeist
All The Small ThingsE5 6b **725mNeist
Cuckoo WaltzE1 5b ***-?Creag Druim Eadar...
Rites of PassageE1 5b ***1?Creag Druim Eadar...
JibE1 5b *10?Bla Bheinn
Mongoose DirectE1 5b ***1195m• 6Sgurr Mhic Choinnich
King CobraE1 5b ***35210m• 7Sgurr Mhic Choinnich
The KlondykerE1 5b ***42135m• 5Sgurr Alasdair -...
Spear of DestinyE1 5b **3?Thearlaich-Dubh...
Trophy CrackE1 5b ***115?Sron na Ciche
BastinadoE1 5b ***43?Sron na Ciche
Purple HazeE1 5b **195m• 3Sgurr Alasdair -...
Penitentiary GroovesE1 5b **3?Sgurr Alasdair -...
Con's CleftE1 5c ***1269m• 3Sgùrr Alasdair
Tinn Lamh CrackE1 5b **-105m• 3Bealach Buttress
Cocoa CracksE2 5c **-160m• 4Sgurr Mhic Choinnich
Overhanging CrackE2 5c **1045mSron na Ciche
Techno SnobE2 5c ***-40mSgurr na Banachdich
The AspE2 5c **3105m• 3Sgùrr Alasdair
The Naked SaltireE2 5c ***230mSgurr Dearg...
Paradise FoundE2 5c ***1?Coir' Uisg Buttress
Captain PlanetE3 5c ***740mAm Basteir
ScowlE3 6a ***1120m• 4Coir' Uisg Buttress
HearthammerE3 5c ***-105m• 3Sgurr an Fheadain
Creag Dhu GroovesE3 5c ***13?Sron na Ciche
PocksE3 5c ***1?Sron na Ciche
SpockE3 5c ***56?Sron na Ciche
DilemmaE3 5c ***11?Sron na Ciche
UhuruE3 6a ***2770m• 2Sron na Ciche
HelenE3 6a ***240mSron na Ciche
Auld ChinasE3 5b ***145mChina Crag
MagicE4 6a ***-45mSron na Ciche
Clinging OnE4 6a ***965m• 2Sron na Ciche
MegatonE4 5c **2250m• 6Sgurr a' Mhadaidh
IrisE4 5c ***240mSgurr Alasdair -...
Journey Into SpaceE4 5c ***1?• 2Low Crag
RainmanE5 6a ***670m• 3Bealach Buttress
Coruisk CornerE5 6a ***-?Coir' Uisg Buttress
Finger in the DykeE5 6a ***4?Bla Bheinn
Stairway to HeavenE5 6a ***25?Bla Bheinn
Up tae High DohE1 5b **210mYesnaby
Blue CrushE1 5b ***14?Yesnaby
East Face Route (Original Route)E1 5b ***667130m• 5(Old Man of) Hoy
East Face Route - Space Station FinishE1 5b ***625m(Old Man of) Hoy
Banana Transfer TheoryE1 5b ***845mRora Head
MalaiseE1 5b ***-?Deerness, Gearsan...
Local AnaestheticE2 5b ***-20mNibon
Eric the DeadE2 5c ***-?Mucklabrek
South FaceE2 5b **9?• 5(Old Man of) Hoy
MaterE2 5b **735mRora Head
Old Head RouteE2 5c ***-?Tomb of the Eagles...
This Timeless MomentE2 5b ***-50mOtter's Head
Summer's EndE2 5b ***2915mYesnaby
The QuarrymanE2 5b ***2920mYesnaby
Lum CrackE2 5c **820mYesnaby
When the Wind BlowsE3 5c ***-?Rora Head
Roaring FortiesE3 5c **1480m• 3Rora Head
Beating HeartE3 5c ***-?Lyre Geo
Deep BlueE3 5c **410mYesnaby
Yes PleaseE3 6a **125mCastle of Yesnaby
Thing of DreamsE4 6a ***822mYesnaby
Dogburgers for DinnerE5 6a ***-?Rora Head
A Dragon Amongst the ThistlesE5 6a ***-?Rora Head
Ocelot Arse CoffeeE5 6b ***-40mRora Head
Big JohnE5 ***5435m• 14St Johns Head
A Fistful of DollarsE5 6a **-?(Old Man of) Hoy
GMBE5 6a ***2145m• 6(Old Man of) Hoy
Scary JellyfishE1 5b ***-?Camas an Lochain...
May TripperE1 5b ***88?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
JuggernautE1 5a ***18825mSheigra Sea Cliffs
Under the PinkE1 5b ***2315mSheigra Sea Cliffs
Above the BlueE1 5c ***1415mSheigra Sea Cliffs
PresumptionE1 5b ***8840mSheigra Sea Cliffs
Atlantic WallE1 5b **2460m• 3Am Buachaille
Acrimonious AcrobatE1 5a ***16320mArdmair Crags
Summer Isles CityE1 5b **43?Ardmair Crags
Totem Pole CrackE2 5b *3030m• 2Ardmair Crags
Tunnel VisionE1 5b **4625mArdmair Crags
Gravity's RainbowE1 5b ***12925mArdmair Crags
Fantabulous FlakeE1 5c ***-?Tarbet Sea Cliffs
Deep Water BluesE1 5b ***250m• 2Tarbet Sea Cliffs
Golden SamphireE1 5b *265m• 2Sandwood Bay Crags
Sandwood Bay CraicE1 5b **112mSandwood Bay Crags
Friend's at a FuneralE1 5b **-?Cnoc an Staca
Crack of DestinyE1 5b ***-?Creag Mhic Ghriogair
Gulls Just Wanna Have FunE1 5b ***-?Rubha na Leacaig
Harbour WallE1 5b ***-?Creag Mhor
See the Arctic BearE1 5b ***6?Beinn Ceanabeinne
Land of the Dancing DeadE1 5b ***1090m• 3Creag Shomhairle
Marathon CornerE1 -?Ben Loyal
Diamond Face RouteE1 5b ***104?Old Man of Stoer
The StonkerE1 5b ***-?Reiff - Stone Pig...
Immaculate DeceptionE1 5b **228?Reiff - Roinn a'...
Jelly WobblerE1 5b **35?Reiff - An Stiuir
StrongbowE1 5b ***37?Reiff - Stone Pig...
Westering HomeE1 5b ***644?Reiff - Roinn a'...
The Tower FinishE1 5c 290mSgurr an Fhidhleir
Summer Isles CrackE1 5b *315mStac Pollaidh
Jack the RipperE1 5b ***27080m• 3Stac Pollaidh
JamalamadingdongE1 5b 1?Stac Pollaidh
Primitive DanceE2 5c **43?Ardmair Crags
Space MonkeyE2 5c ***60?Ardmair Crags
SkeletonsE2 5c ***65?Ardmair Crags
Town Without PityE2 5c ***8325mArdmair Crags
Exploring the CosmosE2 5b ***-?Cosmic Crag
BloodsuckerE2 5c -?Stac Pollaidh
Pretty Bourgeois CrackE2 5c *-20mStac Pollaidh
Felo de SeE2 5c *375m• 2Stac Pollaidh
Moronic InfernoE2 5b **100?Reiff - Rubha...
Spring SonatinaE2 5c **-12mReiff - Rubha...
Shades of NightE2 5c *-?Reiff - Rubha...
Cross-EyedE2 5b ***67?Reiff - Rubha...
Leaning MeanieE2 6a **5?Reiff - Roinn a'...
The ExecutionerE2 5c ***297?Reiff - An Stiuir
Maiden of the Cancer MoonE2 5b ***-?Maiden's Crag
Omission ImpossibleE2 5c ***-?Culkein Stoer -...
The MagicianE2 5b ***-?Tarbet Sea Cliffs
The Dark FlushE2 5b ***745mSheigra Sea Cliffs
WanderingsE2 5b ***7535mSheigra Sea Cliffs
Dreams by the SeaE2 5c ***17?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
Bloodlust DirectE2 5b ***18515mSheigra Sea Cliffs
Atlantic Wall DirectE2 5b **155m• 2Am Buachaille
Sandwood Bay CrackE2 5c **3?Sandwood Bay Crags
RhicornerE2 5b **2515mCreag Garbh Mhor
Sea FuryE2 5b ***-?A' Chailleach
Bardo ThodolE2 5b ***790m• 3Creag Shomhairle
GuanissimoE2 5b ***21?Creag Rodha Mor
Mega FlakeE2 5c *8?Creag Rodha Mor
GeriatricsE2 5b ***94?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
DialecticE2 5b **-220m• 8Foinaven - Ganu Mor
LeftfieldE2 5b *2170mFoinaven - Ganu Mor
MillenniumE2 5c ***10305m• 7Foinaven - Ganu Mor
Milky WayE2 5c **2?Ben Loyal
DreadnaughtE2 5c ***5?Camas Mor
Monkey ManE3 5c ***97?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
ExorcistE2 5b ***6540mSheigra Sea Cliffs
No PorpoiseE3 6a ***3?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
The OrificeE3 6a *140m• 2Stac Pollaidh
Cat on a Hot Tin RoofE3 5c **1460m• 2Stac Pollaidh
Atlantic CrackE3 5c ***412mReiff - Rubha...
Elastic CollisionE3 5c ***171?Reiff - An Stiuir
Seal SongE3 5c ***104?Reiff - An Stiuir
Crack of DesireE3 5c ***44?Reiff - Roinn a'...
The Stonker DirectE3 5c ***-?Reiff - Stone Pig...
In DenialE3 5a ***-?Faraid Head
GogE3 -280mBen Loyal
StarchildrenE3 5c ***-?Tarbet Sea Cliffs
Jack the Ripper (Fred West Finish)E3 6a **6?Stac Pollaidh
Top CrackE3 6a ***-23mBen Loyal
Jacobite GoldE3 5c ***280m• 3Ben Loyal
Heathen's DoorE3 6a ***-?Neave Island
Rusty BucketsE3 6a ***5?Creag Rodha Mor
Dangerous DancerE3 6a ***38?Ardmair Crags
Mid Flight CrisisE4 6a ***14?• 2Stac Pollaidh
(My Own) Personal MingulayE4 5c ***20?Creag Rodha Mor
Dolphins and WhalesE4 6a ***5030mSheigra Sea Cliffs
The ThistleE4 6a **11?Reiff - An Stiuir
The ScreamerE4 6a ***65?Reiff - Rubha...
Spaced Out Rockers On The Road To OblivionE4 5c ***3565m• 2Reiff - Rubha...
StrangewaysE4 6b **8?Reiff - Roinn a'...
Wyatt EarpE4 6a ***2020mReiff - Roinn a'...
Unleash The BeastE4 6a ***4825mArdmair Crags
Tall StoeriesE4 6a ***3?Old Man of Stoer
The SwirlE4 6a ***2235mCreag an Fhithich
Grin and GoE4 6a ***-?Creag Chlais nan...
The Pabbay ExpressE4 6a ***8?Creag Rodha Mor
Hot PantsE4 6b **-55m• 2Creag Shomhairle
Statue of LibertyE4 5c ***435m• 2Port Vasgo
Looking for AtlantisE5 6c ***125mSheigra Sea Cliffs
Shadow on the WallE4 6a **1260m• 2Stac Pollaidh
Burning DesireE5 6b ***25?Ardmair Crags
The OgreE5 6a ***1430mArdmair Crags
Neart nan GaidgheilE5 6a ***3820mArdmair Crags
EleutheriaE5 6a ***-40mPort Vasgo
Free BaseE5 6a **17?Reiff - An Stiuir
The Return of the HerringE5 6a ***-?Reiff - Roinn a'...
Expecting to Fly DirectE5 6a ***-?Stac Pollaidh
North-West EliminateE5 6a ***140mCnoc an Staca
Rodha MorE5 6a ***6?Creag Rodha Mor
So This is SummerE1 5b ***15?Ellens Geo
Another Day In The OfficeE1 5a ***940mSarclet
The Ugly Bug BallE1 5b ***4?Sarclet
The Sarclet PimpernelE1 5a ***9535mSarclet
Wave RidersE1 5a ***2?Mid Clyth
Wallace and Christie - A Grand Day OutE2 5b ***-200m• 17Latheronwheel
TurbodieselE2 5b ***28mAuckengill
Theatre of CrueltyE2 5b ***2515mMid Clyth
Crypt RobberE2 5c ***535mSarclet
Stitch in TimeE2 5c ***2?Sarclet
Walking on WaterE2 5c ***2635mSarclet
Hundreds and ThousandsE2 5c ***1335mEllens Geo
Non Stop Nitty GrittyE3 5c ***2?Ellens Geo
KathleenE3 5c ***2?Ellens Geo
Strata GemE3 5c ***1235mEllens Geo
The Darkness of LardE4 6a ***310mSouth Head of Wick
Man or MouseE4 6a ***-?Sarclet
Occum's RazorE4 6a ***825mSarclet
The Haar BringerE4 5c ***2?Sarclet
Brains as well as BraunE4 6a **635mEllens Geo
Treading WaterE4 5c ***2?Ellens Geo
Towed in the HoleE4 6a ***4?Ellens Geo
Pigs EarE4 5c ***430mEllens Geo
The Fracture ClinicE4 5c **530mEllens Geo
The Draining BoardE4 6a ***1?Ellens Geo
UnnamedE5 6b ***-?Sarclet
Gagging ClauseE5 6a ***-?Ellens Geo
Kneel and PrayE1 5b *148mMungasdale
Lucy LocketE1 5b ***-?Creag Ghiubhsachain
Wailing WallE1 ***3275m• 3Carn Goraig
Lilly of the WestE1 5b **3025mStone Valley Crags
DragonE1 5b ***89105m• 4Carnmore Crag
BalatonE1 5b **52115m• 3Carnmore Crag
St GeorgeE1 5b ***580m• 3Carnmore Crag
Pieces of EightE1 5b ***5?Camas Mor
Teddy Bears PicnicE1 5b **3675m• 3Tollie Crag
Red John of the BattlesE2 5b ***5925mGruinard Crag
Call of the MuwazzinE2 5b **1025mCarn Goraig
The BugE2 5b ***12345mTollie Crag
GudgeonE2 5c ***3270m• 3Tollie Crag
Decadent DaysE2 5c ***24?• 2Tollie Crag
SprocketE2 5b **47?Loch Tollaidh Crags
Buena VistaE2 5b ***113?Loch Tollaidh Crags
Water LilyE2 5c **47?Loch Tollaidh Crags
ObituaryE2 ***270m• 2Raven's Rock
The BirchE2 5c ***630m• 2Meig Crag
Toad HallE2 5b **8?Creag Ghlas
Hall of MirrorsE2 5b ***3080m• 2Creag Ghlas
PhobosE2 5c ***2825mGlenmarksie Crag
Gulf Coast HighwayE3 6a **173m• 3Tollie Crag
Sarah 'n' Dipity and the Forgotten PillE3 5c **-55m• 3Tollie Crag
Rain in the FaceE3 6a ***1055m• 2Tollie Crag
The HereticE3 5b **1050mTollie Crag
ArialE3 5c ***3045mLoch Maree Crag
CrackersE3 5c **-70m• 2Carnmore Crag
Fian GroovesE3 5c ***4110m• 4Carnmore Crag
The SwordE3 5c ***390m• 4Carnmore Crag
Victory CrackE3 6a **24?Creag Ghlas
Each Uisge DirectE4 6a ***160m• 2Tollie Crag
WildernessE4 6a ***1380m• 3Carnmore Crag
Strategic Arms LimitationE4 6a ***325mGlenmarksie Crag
The Orange BowE5 6a ***535mCarnmore Crag
Spirit AirE5 6a ***2750mLoch Maree Crag
Black RippleE1 5c ***-?Scallasaig Crag
VertigoE1 5b **2770mBeinn a' Mhuinidh
Pale WallE1 5b **660m• 2Liathach - Sgorr a...
Fish and ChipsE1 5b **80?Seana Mheallan
Hadrian's WallE1 5b **60?Seana Mheallan
IncognitoE1 5b **29?Seana Mheallan
Dolphin FriendlyE1 5b **3910mSeana Mheallan
Nasal AbuseE1 5b **49?Seana Mheallan
The Con-ConE1 5b **9930mDiabaig
The Black StreakE1 5c ***38670m• 2Diabaig
Route ThreeE1 5b **11980m• 3Diabaig
The Ice BulgeE1 5b **2115mRolling Wall...
Groovin' HighE1 ***10090m• 3Beinn Eighe
Pale Rider (Summer)E1 **17110m• 4Beinn Eighe
Boggle (Summer)E1 ***4110mBeinn Eighe
The Unknown SoldierE1 *3110m• 4Beinn Eighe
Balances of FateE2 5c **1265mBeinn a' Mhuinidh
Torrid TimeE3 5c ***-12mCoire Dubh Beag Crag
Reflections of my mindE2 ***250m• 2Liathach - Sgorr a...
Torridown ManE2 5b ***1425mCreag Nam Leumnach
Angel FaceE2 5c ***90?Beinn Eighe
The Pale DiedreE2 ***55105m• 3Beinn Eighe
Shoot the Breeze (Summer)E2 ***790m• 30Beinn Eighe
Twilight ZoneE2 5c **-160mBeinn Eighe
Force TenE2 ***-95m• 4Beinn Eighe
BrimstoneE2 5c ***5875m• 2Diabaig
The PillarE2 5b ***48235mDiabaig
Northumberland WallE2 5c ***23470m• 2Diabaig
Dire WallE2 5b ***4945mDiabaig
Brave New WorldE2 5c ***2425mRolling Wall...
Rolling HomeE2 5c **5?Rolling Wall...
The Sea, The SeaE2 5b ***1625mRolling Wall...
ToddlodyteE2 5b ***-?Creag nan Uaimh
Bleached WhaleE2 5c **3310mSeana Mheallan
Crack of AgesE2 5b **94?Seana Mheallan
Mechanical SheepE2 6a ***3615mSeana Mheallan
Line in the SandE2 5c ***-30mMeall Gorm
Dream TicketE3 5c ***2160mBeinn a' Mhuinidh
Truly TorrentialE3 5c ***-12mCoire Dubh Beag Crag
ChadailacE3 ***565m• 2Liathach - Sgorr a...
FingerpickerE3 6a ***-25mMeall Gorm
Seeds of DestructionE3 5c ***16?Beinn Eighe
SumoE3 ***4085m• 3Beinn Eighe
The TorridonianE3 6a ***73?Seana Mheallan
Roadhog's WallE3 5c ***3?Sgurr a' Chaorachain
BionicE3 6a ***-30mBiod an fhithich
Wall of FlameE4 6a ***3170m• 2Diabaig
AquamarineE4 6a ***625mRolling Wall...
FistfighterE4 6a **14?Seana Mheallan
MoonshineE4 ***1995m• 3Beinn Eighe
Ling DynastyE5 ***16110m• 3Beinn Eighe
Winds of ChangeE5 6a ***-18mPeninsula Crag
Minus One DirectE1 5b ***136?Ben Nevis
The BatE2 5b ***122?Ben Nevis
TorroE2 5c ***147?Ben Nevis
King KongE2 5c ***75?Ben Nevis
MetamorphosisE2 5b **8105m• 4Ben Nevis
Titan's WallE3 5c ***71?Ben Nevis
ChandelleE3 5c ***3?Aonach Beag
The Banana GrooveE4 6a ***18?Ben Nevis
AgrippaE5 6b ***9?Ben Nevis
PontoonE1 5b ***41100m• 3Buachaille Etive Mor
Bloody CrackE1 5b **19?Buachaille Etive Mor
July CrackE1 5b ***4550m• 2Buachaille Etive Mor
The PauseE1 5b ***294?Beinn Trilleachan...
Yo YoE1 5b ***143?• 3Aonach Dubh
Unicorn (Summer)E1 5a ***159?Bidean nam Bian -...
Engineer's CrackE1 5b **15765m• 2Buachaille Etive Mor
Doom ArêteE1 5b **640m• 2Buachaille Etive Mor
TrapezeE1 5b **125?Aonach Dubh
ApparitionE2 5b ***32?Buachaille Etive Mor
The Big TopE1 5a ***140?Aonach Dubh
The GrallochE2 5b ***1345mGarbh Bheinn
The PincerE2 5b ***48?Garbh Bheinn
Lecher's SuperstitionE2 5c ***10110m• 3Buachaille Etive Mor
ShibbolethE2 5c ***187167m• 7Buachaille Etive Mor
CarnivoreE2 5c **73160mCreag a' Bhancair
Lady JaneE2 5b ***11525mAonach Dubh
Scansor (Summer)E2 5b *26?Bidean nam Bian -...
The Long ReachE2 5b ***164?Beinn Trilleachan...
SwastikaE2 6a **195?Beinn Trilleachan...
JaywalkE2 5c ***23190m• 5Beinn Trilleachan...
AgonyE2 5c ***31155m• 5Beinn Trilleachan...
Temple of DoomE3 6a ***11?Bidean nam Bian
KingpinE3 6a ***18?Bidean nam Bian
Lost ArrowE3 6a ***-100mBidean nam Bian
CrocodileE3 5c ***100?Aonach Dubh
SolitudeE3 **42?Aonach Dubh
The Pinch DirectE3 5c ***42?Beinn Trilleachan...
The New TestamentE4 6a ***20135m• 5Buachaille Etive Mor
Freak OutE4 6a ***101?Aonach Dubh
The Lost ArkE4 6a **685mBidean nam Bian
The ClearancesE4 6a ***31?Aonach Dubh
RepossessedE5 6a ***1125m• 4Aonach Dubh
SpacewalkE5 6b **3450m• 2Aonach Dubh
EldoradoE5 6b **2?Aonach Dubh
Gladiator's Groove DirectE1 5b **5766m• 3The Cobbler
Club CrackE2 5c **57?The Cobbler
OsirisE4 6a ***936mThe Cobbler
Wide CountryE5 6b ***-50mThe Cobbler
Rest and be ThankfulE5 6a ***545mThe Cobbler
The Devil's AlternativeE1 5a ***41?Hell's Lum
Prince of DarknessE1 5b **14140m• 4Hell's Lum
The NeedleE1 5b ***453260mShelterstone Crag
Three StepE1 **-135m• 5Beinn a' Bhuird
Chindit DirectE1 5b **6100m• 3Beinn a' Bhuird -...
The NihilistE1 5b **650m• 2Lochnagar
King RatE1 5c ***112?Broad Cairn - Creag...
Blue MaxE1 5b **40?Broad Cairn - Creag...
Dubh Loch MonsterE1 5c **36?Broad Cairn - Creag...
Waterkelpie WallE1 5c *4?Broad Cairn - Creag...
SteepleE2 5c ***242250mShelterstone Crag
The PinE2 5b ***9170m• 2Shelterstone Crag
Talking DrumsE2 5b *8?Ben Macdui -...
StilettoE2 5c **10110m• 3Ben Macdui -...
FundamentalistE2 5c **12?Beinn a' Bhuird -...
Goliath Direct StartE2 5b *635m• 2Broad Cairn - Creag...
The Sword of Damocles (Summer)E2 5b ***16?• 3Broad Cairn - Creag...
Alice SpringsE2 5c ***28?Broad Cairn - Creag...
The Lone StoneE2 5b ***-?Easter Island...
Nihilist-Extremist CombinationE2 5b **355m• 2Lochnagar
The HarpE3 5c **13100mShelterstone Crag
HaystackE3 5c ***107?Shelterstone Crag
The Empty QuarterE3 5c **5?Beinn a' Bhuird -...
Howff DwellerE3 6a ***7?Broad Cairn - Creag...
The Wicker ManE3 6a **9?Broad Cairn - Creag...
Black Spout WallE3 5c ***24?Lochnagar
The Missing LinkE4 5c ***8125mShelterstone Crag
The SpireE4 6a **30160mShelterstone Crag
FreebirdE4 6a ***10100m• 3Beinn a' Bhuird -...
Young Hearts Run FreeE4 6a **3?• 2Beinn a' Bhuird -...
The IsraeliteE4 6a **3125m• 4Broad Cairn - Creag...
The Naked ApeE5 6b ***12?Broad Cairn - Creag...
Cupid's BowE5 6b ***1785mShelterstone Crag
The ShardE5 6b **2?Shelterstone Crag
ThorE5 6b ***9110mShelterstone Crag
The Heel StoneE5 6a ***4?Shelterstone Crag
The Spear of DestinyE5 6a **6?Beinn a' Bhuird -...
AnaemiaE5 6b ***170m• 3Broad Cairn - Creag...
The Ascent of ManE5 6b ***2?Broad Cairn - Creag...
Mostly HarmlessE5 6b ***-70mBroad Cairn - Creag...
SlartibartfastE5 6b ***4?Broad Cairn - Creag...
Voyage of the BeagleE5 6a ***17?Broad Cairn - Creag...
Strawclutcher's WallE1 5b **209?Meikle Partans
Death CapE1 5a ***169?Earnsheugh
Death-FearE1 5b ***6?• 2Earnsheugh
Guiness Variation Finish 1E1 5b 7?Red Craig (Glen...
VindalooE1 5b ***106?Red Craig (Glen...
WarlordE1 5b **1825mThe Warlord Cliff
The Life of BrianE1 5a **1730mThe Round Tower
Mythical WallE1 5b ***198?Souter Head
RamadanE1 5b **2220mThe Round Tower
Jungle BookE1 5b **1525mThe Red Tower Area
Red WallE1 5b ***257?Red Craig (Glen...
Witches ToothE1 5b **189?Red Craig (Glen...
SeapodE1 5b **2512mAlligator Ridge
The Killing MoonE1 5b ***46?Meackie Point
Dave's DilemmaE1 5b *267?Logie Head
The Central BeltE1 5b **33?Logie Head
Sea AnemoneE1 5b ***62?Logie Head
BlockbusterE1 5c *61?Floors Craig
Sunnyside DirectE1 5c *120?Logie Head
Depth ChargeE1 5a ***86?Craig Stirling
Electric BlueE1 5a **65?Craig Stirling
The Freakers' BallE1 5b **1050m• 3Boglesheugh
BluteredE1 5a ***281?Pass of Ballater
CracklineE1 5c 13?Craig Corn Arn
TiggerE1 5b **52?Harbour Wall,...
TaliskerE1 5a ***36?Black Dyke Area
Birthday TreatE1 5a ***16620mClashrodney
AcapulcoE1 5b ***105?Backdoor Wall,...
McColl Wall Direct StartE1 5c **2411mVat Burn
Stapled with LoveE1 5b *1611mVat Burn
MagusE1 5a *3316mVat Burn
Saga SlabE1 5b ***5216mVat Burn
GnasherE1 5b **23?Clachnaben
Black CustardE1 5b ***55812mPass of Ballater
Silent SpringE1 5a **14125mPass of Ballater
StinkerE1 5b **413?Pass of Ballater
SandanistaE2 5c *4712mCovesea
Dancing in the DarkE2 5c **3415mCovesea
Diedre of Double DoubtE2 5b **12410mCummingston
Neat and CoolE2 5c ***1720mBlack Dyke Area
High SteppaE2 6a **1058mPass of Ballater
Dod's Dead CatE2 5c *120?Pass of Ballater
Anger and LustE2 5c ***23220mPass of Ballater
The American RouteE2 5c **39?Long Haven Quarries
RebuffedE2 5c ***-?Longhaven Craig
Pooh PoohE2 5c ***16?Red Wall
Tyrant CrackE2 5c **2020mThe Round Tower
Choir BoyE2 5c ***617mLittle 'O' Wall
Hidden TreasureE2 5c ***53?Hidden Treasure Wall
El-DE2 5b **47?Harbour Wall,...
AfterglowE2 5b ***81?Rosehearty
The ProphetE2 5c **26015mCummingston
Holy GroundE2 5c ***70?Logie Head
Faulty TowersE2 5c *175m• 4Red Craig (Glen...
PterodactylE2 5b ***109?Earnsheugh
StratosfearE2 5c **33?Earnsheugh
Bats' BelfryE2 5c ***77?Earnsheugh
Raging BullE2 5b **51?Floors Craig
The Domino EffectE3 5c **4412mCovesea
Cobra CornerE3 6a **-40m• 2Boglesheugh
Weird SisterE3 5c **29?Earnsheugh
GuruE3 5c **918mFindon Ness South
Sair FechtE3 6a **30?Floors Craig
Rock LobsterE3 5c **26?Brown Crag
The PrisonE3 5c **1125mRed Band Cliff
IslanderE3 5c **1120mBlack Dyke Area
The EssentialE3 5c ***57?Rosehearty
ZebedeeE3 6a ***1?Redhythe Point
The ParanormalE3 5c ***2820mBerrymuir Head
Piltdown connectionE3 5c **9?The Red Tower Area
AtlantisE3 5c **1325mThe Round Tower
Trial of TearsE3 6a **11?Meackie Point
SublineE3 5c ***20?Red Wall
HarmonyE3 5c **425mThe Warlord Cliff
Zig Zag Double DirectE2 5c ***8425mRed Craig (Glen...
Dancin' in the RuinsE3 5c *24?Red Craig (Glen...
Coming Up RosesE3 5c **42?Rosehearty
The Gift HorseE3 5c ***310mTarlair
Pretzel LogicE3 5c **10318mPass of Ballater
RattlesnakeE3 6b ***5315mPass of Ballater
Bluter GrooveE3 6b ***36?Pass of Ballater
Orbital EjectionE3 5c ***1250m• 3South Cove
Red DeathE3 6b ***53?The Long Slough
ErkE3 5b **11?Clachnaben
Lean MeatE3 5c **27?Craig Stirling
Clockwork CatE3 5c ***4320mCraig Stirling
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue SeaE4 6a ***-?Craig Stirling
Cold RageE4 6a **65?Pass of Ballater
TeardropE4 6a ***8?Seals' Cave
Peel's WallE4 6a ***132?Pass of Ballater
Red PlanetE4 6a ***11?• 3South Cove
The PrisonerE4 6a *1612mClashrodney
Bat's WallE4 6a ***5115mCummingston
CocaineE4 6a ***33?Rosehearty
ShapeshifterE4 6a ***38?Rosehearty
Roman CandleE4 6a ***44?Red Craig (Glen...
Empire of the SunE4 6a ***37?Red Craig (Glen...
The WhoremistressE4 6a ***30?Red Craig (Glen...
Prehistoric MonsterE5 6a ***45?Earnsheugh
The PugilistE4 6a ***28?Floors Craig
JihadE4 6a ***-15mCobbleboards
StonefaceE4 6a **1325mThe Round Tower
Bob's OverhangE4 6a ***50?The Long Slough
Anger and Lust Right-Hand FinishE4 6b ***2220mPass of Ballater
Lech GatesE4 5c **4420mPass of Ballater
Overarching ImperativeE4 6b ***2?Long Haven Quarries
KaboomE4 6a **425mLong Haven Quarries
Roslin RivieraE4 6a ***835mJuanjorge
Black VelvetE4 6b ***25?The Long Slough
Smith's AreteE5 6a ***4312mPass of Ballater
CirrhosisE4 6a ***1220mSouth Cove
Manassa MaulerE4 6a ***31?Floors Craig
ProcrastinationE5 6b ***5?• 2South Cove
NecromancerE5 6a ***39?Earnsheugh
ThugosaurusE5 6a ***21?Earnsheugh
The Tyburn JigE5 6b ***1?Seals' Cave
Cracks in RealityE5 6a ***10?• 2South Cove
Sun GodE5 6b ***525mThe Round Tower
FacegodE5 6a **725mThe Round Tower
Hole in the WallE5 6b ***24?The Red Tower Area
Heart of StoneE5 6a ***15?Rosehearty
Hot TemperE5 6b ***1315mPass of Ballater
Warm LoveE5 6a ***-?Pass of Ballater
Demon DrinkE5 6b **29?Pass of Ballater
When the North Wind BlowsE5 6a ***315mCraig Stirling
The Truth HurtsE5 6b ***1?Graymare Slabs...
Upside DowniesE5 6b **7?Berrymuir Head
Running WildE5 6b ***18?Craig Stirling
HeartbreakerE5 6b ***17?Rosehearty
Monkey MafiaE5 6b ***315mCummingston
Liquid Dancing FirelightE5 6a ***4?Long Slough Red...
Main CrackE5 6a ***520mArthur Fowlie
Back in the SaddleE5 6a ***4?Harbour Wall,...
Space RatsE5 6a ***5?• 3South Cove
EaveE1 5b *21?Duntelchaig
SlingsE1 5b **95?Duntelchaig
Misty CrackE1 5b **34?Duntelchaig
The WallE1 5b *71?Pinnacle Crag
Wild RosesE1 5b **945m• 2Inverfarigaig
MinkyE1 5b **44?• 2Meall an Fhir-Eoin
The RubaiyatE1 5b **3170m• 2Binnein Shuas
VolcaneE1 5b 154?Meall an Fhir-Eoin
Return of the JediE1 5b ***91?Meall an Fhir-Eoin
Sixth SenseE1 5b ***420mCreag na Lice, Mull...
Silver SurferE1 5b **325mBallinmoill, mull...
Diagonal DirectE1 5c **10225mHuntly's Cave
Cunnulinctus (Sheath Variation)E1 5a *18?Creag Dubh...
Man on FireE1 5b **46?Creag Dubh...
GnomeE1 5b **235?Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Death's HeadE1 5c **289?Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Caulking WallE2 5c ***425mSignal Wall, Mull...
Crucifixion CrackE2 5c ***3025mCreag nam Fitheach,...
Pete's WallE2 5c **19312mHuntly's Cave
Ruby TuesdayE2 5b **2510mAshie Fort
Treasure IslandE2 5b **9?Brin Rock
Throw Lichen to the WindE2 5c **4410mAshie Fort
Plague of BlazesE2 5b ***17130mSteall Gorge Crags,...
Travellin' ManE2 5c ***12935m• 2Steall Gorge Crags,...
FangE2 5b **13345m• 2Polldubh Crags,...
The HillE2 5b ***19355m• 2Creag Dubh...
Jump So High DirectE2 5c ***47?Creag Dubh...
OutspanE2 5b **61?Creag Dubh...
Wet DreamsE2 5c ***4135mCreag Dubh...
Trumpet of the DeadE2 5c **2315mStac Gorm
BlewitE2 5c ***3312mStac Gorm
Working Class HeroE2 5c ***60?Dirc Mhor
Positive earthE2 5b **30?Dirc Mhor
CorpseE2 5c **199?Dunkeld, Cave Crag
WarfarinE2 5c ***190?• 2Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Tuning into the Love AirwaysE2 5b ***425mCreag Bhioran
Star WarsE3 5c 39?Meall an Fhir-Eoin
Heaven's GateE3 5c ***-?Creag na Lice, Mull...
PlaceboE3 5c ***2?Creag na Lice, Mull...
AftershockE3 5c **130mGlen Croe
High PerformanceE3 6a **147?Dunkeld, Cave Crag
The Pied PiperE3 ***4?Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Rat CatcherE3 5b ***48?Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Hunt The GunmanE3 6a ***49?Creag na h-Eighe
DraculaE3 5c ***95?Duntelchaig
VampireE3 6a **8?Duntelchaig
Brain DamageE3 6a **159mAshie Fort
No Place for A WendyE3 5c ***20?Glen Lednock,...
Charge of the Light BrigadeE3 5c ***2145mSub Station Crag,...
Gold DiggerE3 6a ***1?Brin Rock
Ticket to RideE3 5b ***42?Creag Dubh...
Over the HillE3 5c ***91?Creag Dubh...
Case DismissedE3 6a **50?Creag Dubh...
Ruff LicksE3 5c ***82?Creag Dubh...
Ring of Fire Right-HandE3 6a **1130mPolldubh Crags,...
Land AhoyE3 5b ***3030mPolldubh Crags,...
VincentE3 5c ***76?Polldubh Crags,...
CrackattackE3 6a ***12330mSteall Meadows...
EdgehogE3 5c ***179?Steall Meadows...
Swither Wa'E5 6a ***110mBlack Crag
Dominator DirectE3 5b ***1170m• 2Dun Leacainn
Short Man's WalkaboutE4 6b ***1?Steall Meadows...
The ChaserE4 6a 120mStac An Eich
Delayed AttackE3 6a **3240mBinnein Shuas
The FuhrerE4 5c ***88?Creag Dubh...
The Art of RelaxationE4 6a **29?Creag Dubh...
AyatollahE4 6a ***32?Creag Dubh...
AcapulcoE4 6a ***34?Creag Dubh...
Bratach UaineE4 6a ***6?Creag Dubh...
SpurlashE4 6b ***2?Dirc Mhor
Quality StreetE4 6a ***2670m• 2Car Park Crag, Glen...
Aquarian RebelsE4 6a ***12?Steall Gorge Crags,...
Easy PickingsE4 6a **2?Steall Gorge Crags,...
Going for GoldE4 6a ***315mSteall Meadows...
As Time Goes ByE4 6b ***-?Polldubh Crags,...
White MeterE4 5c ***930mSub Station Crag,...
Too farr for the bearE4 5c ***4515mFarletter Crag
Bill's DiggerE4 6b ***325mStac An Eich
Rat RaceE4 6a ***161?• 2Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Going for the JugularE5 6b ***-30mSgurr Bhuidhe
Crystal VisionE5 6a ***325mCreag nam Fitheach,...
Continuous Air PlayE5 6b ***-?Creag na Lice, Mull...
Sky PilotE5 6b **630mPolldubh Crags,...
JahuE5 6a ***2210mPolldubh Crags,...
Just a Little TeaseE5 6b ***2725mWhale Rock, Glen...
CosmopolitanE5 6b ***940m• 2Steall Gorge Crags,...
CruisabilityE5 6b ***1?Steall Meadows...
On the BeachE5 6a ***39?Steall Meadows...
The True EdgeE5 6b ***435mSteall Meadows...
The MonsterE5 6a ***2?Buzzard Crag, Glen...
Colder Than a Hooker's heartE5 5c **1045mCreag Dubh...
MigrantsE5 6a ***-35mCreag Dubh...
ZenE5 6a ***1320mCreag Dubh...
The Final SolutionE5 6a ***29?Creag Dubh...
The Scent of a WomenE5 6b ***395m• 3Dirc Mhor
The Man with the Child in his EyesE5 6b ***490m• 4Dirc Mhor
Fanfare for the Common ManE5 6b ***1190mDirc Mhor
Lady CharlotteE5 6a ***70?• 2Dunkeld, Cave Crag
MorbidezzaE5 6b ***20?Dunkeld, Cave Crag
The CrossingE5 6a ***-?Splitter Crag
Suffer in SilenceE5 6a **-20mHideaway Crag
Hide and SneakE5 6a **-20mHideaway Crag
LongbowE1 5b **116?Dumbarton Rock
Down UnderE2 5c **135mCrammag Head
Wally 1E2 5c ***121?Ratho Quarry
Incy Wincy SpiderE2 5b ***635mDungeon Hill
The AreteE2 5b ***76?Clifton Crag
Plum lineE2 5b ***1330mCorwar
Naked FunE2 5b ***-35mBurrow Head
The Wild ManE2 5b **6?Brin Rock
Gruel BrittaniaE3 6a ***5915mRatho Quarry
DiverticulitisE3 6a **31?Ratho Quarry
Economy DriveE3 6a **2?Cambusbarron Quarry...
Quantum GruntE3 6a **38?Cambusbarron Quarry...
Diamond CutterE3 6a ***3135mGlen Lednock, Creag...
Heir Apparent Direct FinishE3 5b ***4130m• 3Dungeon Hill
Methods of DanceE3 6a **7310mLimekilns
The StrugglerE3 6a **9311mLimekilns
Wally 2E4 5c **35?Ratho Quarry
Pettifer's WallE4 6a **70?Ratho Quarry
Blade RunnerE4 6a **7515mAuchinstarry Quarry
ChiselE4 6a ***157?Cambusbarron West...
Public Spirited IndividualE4 6a **71?Cambusbarron West...
Big Country DreamsE4 6a ***138?Cambusbarron Quarry...
Friends in High PlacesE4 6a **3?Dumbarton Rock
Velvet Glove (Satin Finish)E4 6a *1712mLimekilns
Velvet GloveE4 6a ***15712mLimekilns
The Ivy LeagueE4 6a **9612mLimekilns
The Purr-Blind DoomsterE5 6a ***55?Cambusbarron Quarry...
Saving Up for a Rainy DayE5 6a ***1218mWeem Crags
This Septic HeilE5 6b ***23?Ratho Quarry
Wally 3E5 6a *14?Ratho Quarry
The Risk BusinessE5 6a ***38120m• 4Creag a' Bhancair
NijinskiE5 6a ***192?Auchinstarry Quarry
CarouselambraE5 6b **1415mAuchinstarry Quarry
Surface TensionE5 6b ***3215mAuchinstarry Quarry
Death is the HunterE5 6b ***3115mAuchinstarry Quarry
Chemin de FerE5 6a ***37?Dumbarton Rock
Power of EnduranceE5 6b **18?Cambusbarron Quarry...
Both Ends BurningE5 6b ***20?Cambusbarron Quarry...
The Iron FistE5 6b ***4112mLimekilns
The CharlestonE5 6b **1412mLimekilns
2398 e, 2278 stars32,71927,269m• 1307
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