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Scottish 3 and 4 star multi-pitch routes ticklist

contributed by jacobfinn May/12

This ticklist is a listing of all of the 3 and 4 star multi-pitch rock routes in Scotland, as described in the SMC guides. I am sorry if your favourite 2 star route is not in the list - don't blame me! Write to the SMC... There are though some discrepancies between the SMC grading and the UKC grading... I've gone with the SMC on this one. If there any omissions or errors, let me know!

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Icon of LustE8 6c ***-115m• 3Shelterstone Crag
Realm of the SensesE7 6c ***-60mShelterstone Crag
AtheneE7 6c ***-105m• 7Shelterstone Crag
Romantic RealityE7 6b ***1?Creag A'Bhancair
Gone With The WindE7 6b ***1100mCreag A'Bhancair
AngelE7 6b ***-215mBeinn Trilleachan...
AphroditeE7 6b ***-95mShelterstone Crag
The ScoopE7 6b ***12210m• 8Sron Ulladale...
Knuckle SandwichE7 6b ***-150m• 6Sron Ulladale...
The ChiselE7 6b ***4130m• 7Sron Ulladale...
Wild at HeartE7 6b ***160m• 2The Cobbler
Hybrid VigourE6 6c ***-?Creag an Dubh Loch
Walking on AirE6 6c ***260m• 2Stac Pollaidh
KelpieE6 6b ***-45m• 2Garbh Bheinn, South...
The Run of the ArrowE6 6b ***390mShelterstone Crag
FloddenE6 6b ***-?Creag an Dubh Loch
The Origin of SpeciesE6 6b ***-?Creag an Dubh Loch
CannibalE6 6b ***2?Creag an Dubh Loch
Fer de LanceE6 6b ***-65m• 2Creag an Dubh Loch
ExocetE6 6b ***-?Buzzard Crag, Glen...
Two Litle BoysE6 6b ***185m• 3Rora Head
Mosskill GroovesE6 6b ***-95mSron Ulladale...
PremonitionE6 6b ***1115m• 4Sron Ulladale...
The Crystal MazeE6 6b ***-45m• 2Uig Sea Cliffs,...
Wild CountryE6 6b ***-50mThe Cobbler
Edge of ExtinctionE6 6a ***290m• 2The Brack
SpacewalkE5 6b **2650m• 2Aonach Dubh, East...
ThorE5 6b ***6110mShelterstone Crag
Cupid's BowE5 6b ***785mShelterstone Crag
The Naked ApeE5 6b ***10?Creag an Dubh Loch
The Ascent Of ManE5 6b ***2?Creag an Dubh Loch
SlartibartfastE5 6b ***2?Creag an Dubh Loch
CosmopolitanE5 6b ***140m• 2Steall Gorge Crags,...
The Man with the Child in his EyesE5 6b ***490m• 4Dirc Mhor
The Scent of a WomenE5 6b ***195m• 3Dirc Mhor
AgrippaE5 6b ***5?Ben Nevis
ProcrastinationE5 6b ***4?• 2South Cove
KismetE5 6b ***1150m• 7Sron Ulladale...
White DwarfE5 6b ***-140m• 6Sron Ulladale...
Palace of Swords ReversedE5 6b ***190m• 4Sron Ulladale...
Lady CharlotteE5 6a,5c ***53?• 2Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Voyage of the BeagleE5 6a ***15?Creag an Dubh Loch
GMBE5 6a ***1145m• 6(Old Man of) Hoy
Space RatsE5 6a ***4?• 3South Cove
Cracks in RealityE5 6a ***3?• 2South Cove
ThugosaurusE5 6a ***6?Earnsheugh
Prehistoric MonsterE5 6a ***33?Earnsheugh
NecromancerE5 6a ***26?Earnsheugh
Stairway to HeavenE5 6a ***12?Bla Bheinn
StoneE5 6a ***8185m• 7Sron Ulladale...
Rory Rum The Story ManE5 6a ***12?• 4Mingulay
Rest and be ThankfulE5 6a ***445mThe Cobbler
RepossessedE5 ***1125m• 4Aonach Dubh, North...
Fanfare for the Common ManE5 ***6?Dirc Mhor
Ling DynastyE5 ***7110m• 3Beinn Eighe
Short Man's WalkaboutE4 6b ***-?Steall Meadows...
Rat RaceE4 6a, 5b ***132?• 2Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Freak OutE4 6a ***105?Aonach Dubh, East...
EldoradoE4 6a ***1?Aonach Dubh, North...
The ClearancesE4 6a ***26?Aonach Dubh, North...
The Lost ArkE4 6a ***385mBidean nam Bian
FreebirdE4 6a ***4100m• 3Garbh Choire of...
AcapulcoE4 6a ***29?Creag Dubh,...
Wall of FlameE4 6a ***2270m• 2Diabaig
The Banana GrooveE4 6a ***9?Ben Nevis
Mid Flight CrisisE4 6a ***12?• 2Stac Pollaidh
Red PlanetE4 6a ***8?• 3South Cove
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea6c S3 ***1?Craig Stirling
Strategic Arms LimitationE4 6a ***-25mGlenmarksie Crag
Big LuigiE4 6a ***175m• 3Sron Ulladale...
Lost SoulsE4 6a ***26?Mingulay
Vanishing PointE4 6a **3?Cir Mhor (South...
AbraxasE4 6a ***2105m• 3Cioch na-h-oighe
The Missing LinkE4 5c ***7125mShelterstone Crag
Spaced Out Rockers On The Road To OblivionE4 5c ***4865m• 2Reiff - Rubha...
Mother's PrideE4 5c ***6930m• 2Suidhe Biorach
The Big LickE4 5c ***5180m• 6Creag Dubh Dibadale
The New TestamentE4 4a,6a, ***9135m• 5Buachaille Etive Mor
MoonshineE4 ***1795m• 3Beinn Eighe
CrocodileE3 6a ***89?Aonach Dubh, East...
Lost ArrowE3 6a ***-100mBidean nam Bian
KingpinE3 6a ***12?Bidean nam Bian
Temple of DoomE3 6a ***2?Bidean nam Bian
Quality StreetE3 6a ***1770m• 2Car Park Crag, Glen...
BionicE3 6a ***-30mBiod an fhithich
Cobra CornerE3 6a **-40m• 2Boglesheugh
Rain in the FaceE3 6a ***555m• 2Tollie Crag
IndiaE3 6a ***9?Suidhe Biorach
The SilkieE3 6a ***34?• 4Mingulay
Crystal DazeE3 6a ***1150m• 2Mingulay
SkydiverE3 6a ***11?Cir Mhor (South...
ArmadilloE3 6a *7?• 3Cioch na-h-oighe
The Pinch DirectE3 5c ***52?Beinn Trilleachan...
HaystackE3 5c ***77?Shelterstone Crag
Black Spout WallE3 5c ***10?Lochnagar
CougarE3 5c ***37?Creag an Dubh Loch
VincentE3 5c ***36?Polldubh Crags,...
DraculaE3 5c ***86?Duntelchaig
Seeds of DestructionE3 5c ***7?Beinn Eighe
Titan's WallE3 5c ***38?Ben Nevis
ChandelleE3 5c ***-?Aonach Beag
Orbital EjectionE3 5c ***750m• 3South Cove
Dancin' in the RuinsE3 5c *19?Glen Clova - Red...
The SwordE3 5c ***290m• 4Carnmore Crag
HearthammerE3 5c ***-105m• 3Sgurr An Fheadain
SpockE3 5c ***37?Sron na Ciche
UhuruE3 5c ***2170m• 2Sron na Ciche
DilemmaE3 5c ***8?Sron na Ciche
PocksE3 5c ***2?Sron na Ciche
Creag Dhu GroovesE3 5c ***12?Sron na Ciche
Whispering CrackE3 5c ***755mRubha Hunish
Voyage of FaithE3 5c ***101125m• 4Mingulay
A Word With the BillE3 5c ***29?Mingulay
SolitudeE3 5b ***26?Aonach Dubh, East...
Heir Apparent Direct FinishE3 5b ***4130m• 3Dungeon of Buchan
Dominator DirectE3 5b ***670m• 2Dun Leacainn
In DenialE3 5a ***-?Faraid Head
The Pied PiperE3 ***3?Dunkeld, Cave Crag
ChadailacE3 ***365m• 2Liathach - Sgorr a...
SumoE3 ***2085m• 3Beinn Eighe
SwastikaE2 6a ***196?Beinn Trilleachan...
Lecher's SuperstitionE2 5c, 5c ***5110m• 3Buachaille Etive Mor
WarfarinE2 5c, 5b ***155?• 2Dunkeld, Cave Crag
AgonyE2 5c ***20155m• 5Beinn Trilleachan...
Return of The JediE2 5c ***77?Meall An Fhir-Eoin...
SteepleE2 5c ***236250mShelterstone Crag
Alice SpringsE2 5c ***8?Creag an Dubh Loch
Travellin' ManE2 5c ***9635m• 2Steall Gorge Crags,...
Jump So High DirectE2 5c ***35?Creag Dubh,...
BrimstoneE2 5c ***3875m• 2Diabaig
Northumberland WallE2 5c ***16970m• 2Diabaig
Angel FaceE2 5c ***97?Beinn Eighe
King KongE2 5c ***35?Ben Nevis
DreadnaughtE2 5c ***-?Camas Mor
MillenniumE2 5c ***16305m• 7Foinaven
Bats' BelfryE2 5c ***59?Earnsheugh
Faulty TowersE2 5c *-75m• 4Glen Clova - Red...
ZigZag Double DirectE2 5c ***76?Glen Clova - Red...
The BirchE2 5c ***130m• 2Meig Crag
GudgeonE2 5c ***2470m• 3Tollie Crag
Decadent DaysE2 5c ***15?• 2Tollie Crag
The AspE2 5c **2105m• 3Sgurr Alasdair...
Northern LightsE2 5c **7?Rubha Hunish
Taxing MacpheeE2 5c ***56?Mingulay
Prophecy of DrowningE2 5c ***212?Pabbay
Club CrackE2 5c **55?The Cobbler
ShibbolethE2 5b ***257167m• 7Buachaille Etive Mor
The Long ReachE2 5b ***131?Beinn Trilleachan...
The PincerE2 5b ***31?Garbh Bheinn, South...
The PinE2 5b ***6770m• 2Shelterstone Crag
Talking DrumsE2 5b *4?Creag a'choire...
The Sword of DamoclesE2 5b ***3?• 3Creag an Dubh Loch
FangE2 5b ***9145m• 2Polldubh Crags,...
The HillE2 5b ***12855m• 2Creag Dubh,...
Dire WallE2 5b ***3045mDiabaig
TorroE2 5b ***142?Ben Nevis
The BatE2 5b ***174?Ben Nevis
Bardo ThodolE2 5b ***490m• 3Creag Shomhairle
PterodactylE2 5b ***71?Earnsheugh
Bengal LancerE2 5b ***240m• 2Carn Liath
U-EiE2 5b ***8790m• 3Pabbay
Reflections of my mindE2 ***250m• 2Liathach - Sgorr a...
The Pale DiedreE2 ***21105m• 3Beinn Eighe
Shoot the BreezeE2 ***290mBeinn Eighe
Force TenE2 ***-95m• 4Beinn Eighe
ObituaryE2 ***170m• 2Raven's Rock
King RatE1 5c ***132?Creag an Dubh Loch
The Black StreakE1 5c ***26070m• 2Diabaig
Doom AreteE1 5b, 4b ***340m• 2Buachaille Etive Mor
PontoonE1 5b ***42100m• 3Buachaille Etive Mor
Bloody CrackE1 5b ***12?Buachaille Etive Mor
Yo YoE1 5b ***159?• 3Aonach Dubh, North...
The Big TopE1 5b ***166?Aonach Dubh, West...
The PauseE1 5b ***337?Beinn Trilleachan...
The NeedleE1 5b ***474260mShelterstone Crag
Route ThreeE1 5b **7480m• 3Diabaig
Minus One DirectE1 5b ***66?Ben Nevis
Pieces of EightE1 5b ***1?Camas Mor
Jack the RipperE1 5b ***24180m• 3Stac Pollaidh
Diamond Face RouteE1 5b ***95?Old Man of Stoer
Deep Water BluesE1 5b ***-50m• 2Raven's Crag
Harbour WallE1 5b ***-?Creag Mhor
See the Arctic BearE1 5b ***5?Beinn Ceanabeinne
Land of the Dancing DeadE1 5b ***790m• 3Creag Shomhairle
East Face Route (Original Route)E1 5b ***1004130m• 5(Old Man of) Hoy
The Freakers' BallE1 5b **1050m• 3Boglesheugh
Red WallE1 5b ***217?Glen Clova - Red...
DragonE1 5b ***125105m• 4Carnmore Crag
MegatonE1 5b -250mSgurr a'Mhadaidh
Purple HazeE1 5b **195m• 3Sgurr Sgumain
King CobraE1 5b ***22210m• 7Sgurr Mhic Coinnich...
Mongoose DirectE1 5b ***1195m• 6Sgurr Mhic Coinnich...
Alter EgoE1 5b **830m• 2Suidhe Biorach
Heart's HighwayE1 5b ***160m• 2Carn Liath
Prospect of RonaE1 5b ***-65m• 2Carn Liath
Via ValtosE1 5b ***1150m• 5Creag Dubh Dibadale
Flannan Slab DirectE1 5b ***845mUig Sea Cliffs,...
Stepping OutE1 5b **-55m• 2An Sgurr
West Flank RouteE1 5b ***136?Cir Mhor (South...
Ariel's Arete (a.k.a. Squids and Elephants)E1 5b ***1045mCir Mhor (South...
Gladiator's Groove DirectE1 5b **5466m• 3The Cobbler
UnicornE1 5a ***197?Stob Coire nan...
The Devil's AlternativeE1 5a ***17?Hell's Lum
Secretaries' Super DirectE1 5a ***18850m• 2Polldubh Crags,...
Death CapE1 5a ***133?Earnsheugh
Groovin' HighE1 ***10390m• 3Beinn Eighe
Amethyst PillarHVS 5b ***51100m• 3Coire Sputan Dearg
Route OneHVS 5b **10370m• 2Diabaig
The Colonel's CornerHVS 5b ***23130m• 4Dungeon of Buchan
ZigZag DirectHVS 5b **68?Glen Clova - Red...
RaptorHVS 5a ***250m• 2Buachaille Etive Mor
PeglegHVS 5a **3090m• 3Buachaille Etive Mor
Bludgers RevelationHVS 5a ***316137m• 6Buachaille Etive Mor
Raven's GullyHVS 5a ***28?Buachaille Etive Mor
July CrackHVS 5a ***3750m• 2Buachaille Etive Mor
HammerHVS 5a **434?Beinn Trilleachan...
ExcaliburHVS 5a ***32?Garbh Bheinn, South...
GuenevereHVS 5a **7?Garbh Bheinn, South...
The Magic CrackHVS 5a ***358?Coire an t'Sneachda
Slochd WallHVS 5a ***15?Garbh Choire of...
CyclopsHVS 5a ***128?• 11Creag an Dubh Loch
StormHVS 5a ***50685m• 3Polldubh Crags,...
InbredHVS 5a ***379?Creag Dubh,...
Route TwoHVS 5a ***43970m• 2Diabaig
The BullroarHVS 5a ***50?Ben Nevis
CenturionHVS 5a ***603?Ben Nevis
Pure GoldHVS 5a ***-?Camas Mor
KingfisherHVS 5a ***-50m• 2Raven's Rock
The KlondykerHVS 5a *24135m• 5Sgurr Sgumain
Vulcan WallHVS 5a ***11466m• 3Sron na Ciche
EcstasisHVS 5a ***290m• 3Bla Bheinn
EurekaHVS 5a ***7132m• 5Sron Ulladale...
Port PillarHVS 5a 1145mMingulay
Blo' na GaelHVS 5a *4?Pabbay
Anvil (Recess Start)HVS 5a ***38?Cir Mhor (South...
GobHVS 4c ***170105m• 4Carnmore Crag
ProkroustesHVS 4c ***-120m• 3Sgurr Sgumain
The SnakeHVS 4c ***19?Sron na Ciche
Dawn GroovesHVS 4c ***3175m• 7Sgurr Mhic Coinnich...
BlankistHVS 4c ***74?Rosa Slabs
A Likely StoryHVS ***5475m• 3Eagle Rocks
AuroraHVS ***-200m• 7Sron Ulladale...
InversionHVS ***2170m• 7Sron Ulladale...
May CrackVS 5a ***8735mBuachaille Etive Mor
King BeeVS 5a ***334?Creag Dubh,...
FoilVS 5a *5385m• 3Diabaig
Original RouteVS 5a ***80470m• 4Old Man of Stoer
The South Ridge DirectVS 5a ***594?• 13Cir Mhor (South...
Whispering GroovesVS 4c ***975m• 2Buachaille Etive Mor
HiccupVS 4c ***79?Buachaille Etive Mor
Crow's Nest CrackVS 4c ***15480m• 2Buachaille Etive Mor
Spider Right-HandVS 4c ***9145mAonach Dubh, East...
Spartan SlabVS 4c **787?Beinn Trilleachan...
YirVS 4c 177?Meall An Fhir-Eoin...
The Clean SweepVS 4c ***343185m• 4Hell's Lum
KoalaVS 4c *4?Braeriach, Garbh...
Scabbard (Summer)VS 4c ***127105m• 3Creag a'choire...
Black MambaVS 4c **56?Creag an Dubh Loch
The MousetrapVS 4c ***198?Creag an Dubh Loch
Phantom SlabVS 4c ***25960m• 3Polldubh Crags,...
Sword of GideonVS 4c **313125m• 4Sgurr a'Chaorachain
The EdgeVS 4c ***246?Loudoun Hill
Landward FaceVS 4c ***9550m• 3Am Buachaille
The RoostVS 4c **1260m• 2Creag Shomhairle
AlderVS 4c ***167?Glen Clova - Red...
Fionn ButtressVS 4c ***69240m• 11Carnmore Crag
Shangri-LaVS 4c ***91?Sron na Ciche
IntegrityVS 4c ***68176m• 2Sron na Ciche
Flannan SlabVS 4c ***2740mUig Sea Cliffs,...
Crack of Double DoomVS 4b ***15?Sron na Ciche
BlankVS 4b ***91130m• 3Rosa Slabs
The ChasmVS ***335450m• 16Buachaille Etive Mor
Raven's Gully Direct FinishVS ***2?Buachaille Etive Mor
The Long ClimbVS ***336420m• 11Ben Nevis
Central Buttress - VS RouteVS ***85280m• 8Beinn Eighe
ButterknifeHS 4b ***144?Garbh Bheinn, South...
Leac GlasHS 4b ***42?Meall Meadhoin
Grey Slab (Summer)HS 4b ***93115m• 4Coire Sputan Dearg
Cave RouteHS 4b ***41825mHuntly's Cave
Ardverikie WallHS 4b ***1017185m• 6Binnein Shuas crag
whispering wallHS 4b *3?Sgurr a'Mhadaidh
AesculapiusHS 4b ***370m• 4Window Buttress,...
The Talisman (Summer)HS 4a ***248100mCreag a'choire...
Pine WallHS 4a **540?Polldubh Crags,...
Tree HeeHS 4a **128?Creag Dubh,...
RainmakerHS **3060mGearr Aonach, East...
High Level Traverse and Direct FinishHS **4460m• 2Glen Clova - Red...
Commando CrackHS ***71105m• 6Sgurr Alasdair...
Mullenium DirectS 4a ***41200m• 4Indian Slab Crag
Waterfront WallS 4a **155m• 3The Maiden
Islivig DirectS 4a ***10380m• 10Griomaval
LochlanS 4a **-240m• 6Griomaval
January JigsawS ***70475m• 4Buachaille Etive Mor
Shackle RouteS ***17375m• 3Buachaille Etive Mor
Archer RidgeS ***293?• 3Aonach Dubh, East...
Clachaig Gully (summer)S ***150520mAonach Eagach -...
Savage SlitS ***63580m• 4Coire an Lochain...
Auld NickS *99?Hell's Lum
Cumming-Crofton RouteS ***177?Garbh Choire of...
Eagle Ridge (summer)S ***666250mLochnagar
Flying DutchmanS ***39460m• 3Polldubh Crags,...
Secretaries' Direct RouteS ***27180m• 3Polldubh Crags,...
The Upper GirdleS ***1750mBeinn Eighe
Raeburns AreteS **147230m• 6Ben Nevis
Route ll DirectS ***52?Ben Nevis
PhaffS ***53?Red Wall
South GullyS ***1210mCoir' A' Mhadaidh
White Slab DirectS ***33180m• 6South Crag, Sron Na...
Punster's CrackS ***539?The Cobbler
Pipet SlabMS **52?Stac An Fharaidh
Agag's GrooveVD ***1483105m• 4Buachaille Etive Mor
Crypt RouteVD ***210?Bidean nam Bian
SquarefaceVD ***436?Garbh Choire of...
Cioch NoseVD ***709200m• 7Sgurr a'Chaorachain
North East ButtressVD ***300500mBen Nevis
Observatory Ridge (Summer)VD ***400500mBen Nevis
MarramVD ***1660m• 2Sandwood Bay Crags
Diagonal CrackVD ***45?Red Wall
North Glash TraverseVD **1120m• 5North Glash
Arrow RouteVD ***75161m• 2Sron na Ciche
Wallwork's RouteVD ***151?Sron na Ciche
A'Chir RidgeVD *268?A'Chir
Sou'wester SlabsVD **492110m• 5Cir Mhor (South...
Quiver RibD ***283?Aonach Dubh, East...
Final SelectionD ***11960mStag Rocks
Crystal Ridge (Summer)D ***125120mCoire Sputan Dearg
The GutterD ***855?Polldubh Crags,...
East ButtressD ***141210mBeinn Eighe
Tower RidgeD ***1678600mBen Nevis
Clach Glas - Blaven Traverse (Blabheinn)D ***378?Bla Bheinn
Afterthought AreteM ***380150mStag Rocks
The Dubhs RidgeM ***336920mThe Dubh Slabs
Aonach Eagach Ridge (summer)2 ***1009?Aonach Eagach -...
Ledge Route2 ***485450mBen Nevis
660 e, 940 stars38,10123,500m• 784